Rapidfire Posts: LISTEN TO ALL OF THEM

I just posted 4 different artists and I know my blog gets very few hits but if you stumble upon this, I strongly urge you to check out each one. I have never been this excited by this recent haul of music in a long time!


Rapidfire Post 4

HOT DAMN. I am calling that Alex Clare is the male version of Adele. His voice is sexy, sultry, and dreamy. Hottest Ginger I have ever seen. This Etta James cover is fire — didn’t need anything else to quickly prompt me to get the album. Too Close is a wonderful marriage of soul and dubstep/trance and I’m hooked.

Rapidfire Post 3

I’m in love. These two girls are reppin’ the ladies with some amazing mixes. They use artists that aren’t conventionally included in the latest mash-up scene (MTV charter toppers, electronic, etc.) and I appreciate their work a LOT. They make me wanna DANCE. My favorite mashup artists right now. Who wants to bring them to Wash. U? I am listening to this mashup on repeat you really need to go through each track because they’re all great.

Rapidfire Post 2

I haven’t done my research on Jhameel but he is RAW. I sniped Collide a week or two ago and I was very quickly addicted. Waves is a wonderfully simply song — I think I melt when he hits those high notes. He’s been releasing free tracks and so I strongly suggest you download them before this kid gets real popular real fast.

Rapidfire Post 1

I love Swedes so much. Fierce ass duo here named Rebecca and Fiona. They look like they could belong in an Urban Outfitters catalogue, a messy MTV reality show, a beautifully crafted short indie film, or a chique New York club. This is pretty mellow but gives you chills and delivers heavy bass.