How have I not heard this?

Gotta give credit to my suitemate’s boyfriend. He made her a mix and I was maaaad digging this song. Perfect amount of funk, soul, and dance to make this remix just addictive.

And his original stuff: CHILLIN’.


Breathtaking Video

James Blake is an incredibly talented artist changing the music game right now. His voice is unique, reminiscent of  Antony and the Johnsons; he hits you right in the gut with emotion and a sense of sublime. This Joni Mitchell cover is my favorite ballad right now. So raw that it’ll probably get you ill.


Connor Youngblood is an interesting artist. I had Summer Song by him before stumbling upon Monsters and it’s a wonderfully light hearted and youthful song — quite delightful! And it isn’t the typical guitar, beachy kind, rather it includes some techno flairs that makes the song unique. Monsters on the other hand is heavier on the electronic side and gives you chills. Both are great songs that put you in completely different moods.

Breath of Fresh Air

Second Skrillex post within a week? Have I sold out? Breathe has spread like an infection all over the Internet and I think it’s definitely warranted. It reminds me of With Your Friends but less chaotic. It seems more purposeful and thought out. It’s definitely a track I’ll have on repeat for a while. You better start liking this track now before it gets so mainstream that you’ll be made fun of for liking it too late. I’m assuming this is a leaked version and the HQ one is yet to come.

And instead of posting an image of him, this website should suffice:

Two Favorites

Adventure Club is one of my favorite rising dubstep artists right now. Emily Haines is one of my personal musical heroes. AC went IN and did a beautiful remix of Collect Call, an already chilling song on its own. With the heavy dubstep synths and looping, the song becomes more entrancing and mystical. Love it. I also am lovin their superhero/ninja costumes.