Vibin’ Out

Alright Miike Snow, stop being so amazing. This new song they’re teasing us with from their album Happy to You (out this March) has got my very hemoglobinz and nerve synapses dancing all silly as if it were the 50’s swing era again. I’m really excited to hear their sophomore album as they blew up the world with eponymous freshman endeavor.



This is pretty gnarly. That’s all I have to say. This came out 23 hours ago and look at how many comments it has on Soundcloud. Encore, Adventure Club. ENCORE!

Making My Heart Melt

If I were the typical college prepster, I would probably use words like “chill, cute, chillin’, laidback, super chill” to describe this song. In fact, this song tickles your heart, from the innocent guitar picking to the soft female backup vocals. Ray Dalton was featured on a Macklemore song Can’t Hold Us, a much different sorta song but I like seeing the varied talents of a single artist. This is something you’ll probably want to put on a sappy Valentine’s mix, as the soundtrack to a quirky romance film, or when you’re wallowing from a horrible breakup (sorry?).

I also think the album artwork is simple, sweet, and perfect.

Who listens to Podcasts still?

Zeds Dead. Huge fan. Most awesomest Canadian duo. I’m kinda anal about listening to mixes in a single mp3 but I’ve decided to be a bit less sheltered about music in that sense (Jane Doze’s amazing mix that I posted). Anyways, Zeds Dead Mad Decent Podcast is pure genius. I’m only 9:39 into the 40 minute aural masterpiece but it’s mixed incredibly well, with ease, and sounds natural. AND IT’S FREE. WHAAAT?