Spring break is coming — new Wiz is what we all need. People have high expectations for his next release and I think this new track is very promising. Sounds different from his real commercial stuff. And of course, he raps about marijuana. Classic.



I never listened to Blur. The only song I know is Song 2 and that’s only because I heard it performed in high school and even though it actually wasn’t very good, I thought it was cool to have Blur in my library. It’s literally the only song I have. I don’t know the song Country House, but this Emeli Sandé gal sure kills it. This is the epitome of chill and maybe it’s the California in me that is feelin’ the twang, but this is absolutely brilliant. Gonna have to check her out some mo’.


I don’t know how often I’ve mentioned Titanium on my blog, but all I knew is, once I heard it in late August last summer, I was HOOKED. It was my ringtone for around 4-5 months since I heard it, and I still listen to it from time to time and get giddy at how good it is. I’m a fan of Collin McLoughlin’s covers, it’s pretty standard stuff to do acoustic covers of songs, but I enjoy the clarity in his voice. It’s cleansing, and easy. He’s definitely got talent. Now one of my favorite pump up songs can be one of my favorite sleepytime ones.


We all know fun.’s originally ground-breaking anthem “We Are Young” (with Janelle Monae) and here comes their second powerful pop song. I was a fan of The Format during high school so it’s great to see that Nate Ruess is still showing off his quirky distinct voice. The end is a little strange with the autotuned bits (not really necessary in my opinion) but otherwise this song will have you marching up and down the streets with cartoon birds chirping around your head!

Yelawolf and Ed Sheeran — Collab

I’ve been trying to get into Yelawolf ever since I saw him on Hype Machine a few months ago. I was intrigued by his style and the fact that he was from Alabama. I definitely wanted to love his stuff because it was so different but for some reason, it never stuck. But, hearing a couple tracks from his collab EP with Ed Sheeran titled The Slumdon Bridge, I’m all about him. Lovin the guitar, the distinct voice of Yelawolf (like that of a bitter storyteller) and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest.