I first heard of Foxes when Adventure Club remixed her song ‘Youth.’ Just a few days ago, she’s released a new song called ‘Warrior.’ This song is pretty darn catchy and has a diverse instrumental. I love how epic the bridge and chorus are; I’m impressed by her range of her singing style. Awesome song.

Random note: doesn’t she look like a certain quirky indie singer/actress and/or a pop princess best known for her songs about kissing girls, girls in bikinis, and girls spending crazy Friday nights?



Late night posting is the best kind of posting. Ellie Goulding just released a cover of The Weeknd’s ‘High for This’ on soundcloud, produced by the talented Xaphoon Jones. It’s nice to hear something new from Ellie; she’s done plenty of covers that I love and this is just another one to add to her repertoire. I also enjoy seeing how she adds her own voice to this R&B hit. Free download too — siiiickk.


The boys have done it again. Essentially the only dubstep artists I listen to anymore, Adventure Club samples the genius YYY’s song ‘Maps’ and turns it into a powerful electronic explosion. This song has only been out for 5 hours but are totaling nearly 20k plays so far. I’m saddened I wasn’t able to see AC when they toured and stopped by St. Louis but I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity in the future. Free download! Listen on readers.


Guys and gals, be prepared to be swept off your feet. Joseph Somo has released another dope medley, and in this one, he’s shirtless. Okay, yeah I have to admit I’m slightly distracted by his nudity, but I am more so obsessed with the arrangement and singing. I listen to his Take Care’ medley at least once a week, so here’s something new to feed my addiction to the Somo. While you listen to this, I’ll be preparing my summer playlist. Expect to see it in the next couple days! Free download below.


XXYYXX’s remix of Anneka’s ‘Overdone’ is hands down one of my favorite tracks of all time and I am completely blown away by his original song ‘Alone.’ There is only one way to listen to this song: if you have a sick sound system with an intense bass system, or with your hopefully high quality headphones. NOTE: iPhone/iPod headphones that came with the device do not count. I have my AKG K328 in ear’s and I really wish I could listen to this song with my Kossporta Pro’s but I’ve broken them and really need to get them fixed…

Anyways, this song is like a massage for your ear drums. The first half is slow, subtle, and soothing. At the 2 minute mark, the song explodes in the most gentle way. XXYYXX is only 16 and he’s getting a lot of publicity lately. His genre of music is in general rising in popularity and demand. You better like this before it becomes the new dubstep and Britney Spears releases a song that doesn’t really consist of her singing, rather sounds she makes that are then manipulated and deepened.


Remember in 2009 when Asher Roth’s ‘I Love College’ set up false hopes and fantasies for us rising college-freshmen about the prospect of wasting our days as intoxicated youth who cared little about academia and equality for women? Well, well, he seems to have matured since those days. Sampling the too infectious ‘Go Outside’ by Cults, Asher has released a song that is too perfect about the summer. ‘Outside’ is simply about easy living, taking a break, and chillin’ outside when the chaos of reality just gets a too much. F-f-f-f-freee download!


Sol has been on Woosic a couple times now and once again he’s impressed me with his variety. This song is pretty slow all throughout and the rhymes aren’t exactly super complex, but this sounds like a song Sol needed to do. It’s very personal and I listen to it as if its his manifesto. A simple but beautiful song, ‘Be Good or Be Careful’ carries a message we need to hear sometimes. And hey, it’s a free download so why not?