I have a special place in my heart for Icona Pop: they were the subject of my first blogpost on Woosic, I am obsessed with any music Scandinavian, I pretty much want to become their best friends, and they just embody what it means to be young, free, and dancing. Their song ‘I Love It’ was on the summer mix that I failed to really assembly (sorry my readers 😦 ) and in the last few days, that song has blown up. Unfortunately, MTV has chopped up its spirit and used it for the title sequence of ‘Snooki + Jwoww.’ I’m not gonna deny that I will probably watch that show when I’m bored and on my couch, but really? You’re gonna make THAT AMAZING song the opener for such a low quality show? Really bums me out. Also, the YouTube vid only has 300k views? I expect at least a million by now! I was checking out whether Icona Pop’s released anything else new, and I found in their Soundcloud a mashup with Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’, transforming ‘Nights Like This’ into a much chiller and wonderfully tropical song. Enjoy both tracks below!



You can basically feel the swagger penetrating into your core when you hear Azealia Banks go hard on this track. Her lyrics are quick, witty, and snap at you hard like a rubber band. It blows my mind that she is my age (1991 baby!) and raps with a lot of attitude but in a really elegant way. I think I’m used to hearing people like Iggy Azalea, who naturally has an Aussie accent, or Nicki Minaj really throw an accent into their styling their rapping. I appreciate Azealia’s clear and crisp execution and have loved everything she’s released. SWAG ON.


My good friend has shown me the dreamiest new pop sensation of Denmark. His album ‘Colours’ hit #4 on the Danish Album Chart in its first week of release and I’m not surprised that his adorable face hasn’t made an appearance in the states yet. His charming voice is perfect for handling the high notes of Robyn’s ‘Call your Girlfriend.’ I am even more smitten with the fact that he’s singing a song that encourages communication with your significant other; I may have had Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ on repeat as of recently, but looks like my heart has been captured by the smooth voice of another young lad. Check out an original below entitled ‘Against  the Odds.’


Oh my god the Jane Doze have blessed us with another amazing mix. I’m not even halfway done listening but my entire 20 year old life has basically been told in form of pop and hip hop songs from the 90’s and beyond. I can’t embed the mix but I strongly urge you to check it out on Thefuture.fm, where I’ve signed up so I can listen to the amazing mix in its entirety. <– Click the image to hear it!


My, oh my. Purity Ring has taken strong hold of my attention once again with this new track. Starting off with a burst of energy, ‘Fineshrine’ is cute and creepy (“cut open my sternum and poke my little ribs around you”) in the best way possible. I find myself smiling and nodding in rhythm as she sings about turning her body into an empty shrine; I suppose I have no problem with that.


Iggy Azalea, the Aussie rapper with more swagger than Lil’ Mama has lip gloss, has collab’ed once again with T.I. to produce a track that goes hard. B.O.B joins the two of them to alleviate the intensity with his smooth vocals/rapping. Is the intro of the song a sample of Kaskade? Someone answer this please because I’m at work in my cubicle and don’t want to stray away from my work…anyways, produced by Bei Major, this is a pretty dope track.