Oof where have I been and what have I been doing? Stranded on my couch from post-op ACL reconstruction surgery? Hobbling about the beautiful Bay Area? Not working on my thesis? All of the above.

Cyril Hahn is one badass producer who happens to be launching a tour in Canada and Europe. I can’t wait to read the reviews for his shows, because if his remixes are this good, his live mixing must be doper. Gabrielle Aplin is, as one YouTube has commented, the “female version of Ed Sheeran” and I understand why: she has a slight rasp to her voice, a mature tone to her otherwise youthful and quiet voice. Her song ‘Please Dont’ Say You Love Me,’ is a wonderful song, in the same style of many rising singer/songwriters, so it’s definitely worth listening to. But, Cyril Hahn transforms the song into a house jewel. The world has been obsessed with his mix of ‘Say My Name,’ and it sounds like he’s gifted us with another catchy tune.




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