Hot damn. Adventure Club is back with a burning track, remixing the always lovely Yuna’s ‘Lullabies.’ The original song is already so epic, dark at moments, and uplifting at others. Adventure Club takes advantage of Yuna’s soft spoken words and pairs it with some heavy but tasteful dubsteppiness. Chill out to some classy mixing and snag the free download via Facebook.

Bonus! Frank Ocean Cover:



The boys have done it again. Essentially the only dubstep artists I listen to anymore, Adventure Club samples the genius YYY’s song ‘Maps’ and turns it into a powerful electronic explosion. This song has only been out for 5 hours but are totaling nearly 20k plays so far. I’m saddened I wasn’t able to see AC when they toured and stopped by St. Louis but I’m sure I’ll get another opportunity in the future. Free download! Listen on readers.


Not new, you can call me old and not-current from posting this. But, right now I’m in a mood to post some good ol’ Adventure Club. Also, I have not had anything to eat all day, albeit the half caesar salad I forced myself to consume earlier today (St. Louis Bread Co FTW). I’m gonna try and bang out some more posts later this week, but due to a variety of studio, college, life, etc. stresses, this is the best I can do. I cannot emphasize how refreshing Adventure Club is amidst the horribly over produced and crunchy dubstep that is now popular amongst the youth. This is a classic in my music inventory (8935 songs guys! Almost to 9k!) and it’s a good one to listen to when life’s getting rough; take the lyrics to heart: “so if I were you, I’d have a little trust.”

James Vincent McMorrow (Adventure Club remix) — We Don’t Eat.