I first heard of Foxes when Adventure Club remixed her song ‘Youth.’ Just a few days ago, she’s released a new song called ‘Warrior.’ This song is pretty darn catchy and has a diverse instrumental. I love how epic the bridge and chorus are; I’m impressed by her range of her singing style. Awesome song.

Random note: doesn’t she look like a certain quirky indie singer/actress and/or a pop princess best known for her songs about kissing girls, girls in bikinis, and girls spending crazy Friday nights?



Metric is BACK and ready to rock our faces off. ‘Youth Without Youth’ is heavy and gritty but is balanced by Emily Haines’ hypnotizing voice. I could tell that Metric was heading back in this direction after their last album release and the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack ‘Black Sheep,’ which is soooo catchy by the way. Anyways, take a listen to ‘Youth Without Youth’ and feel the intensity that is Metric.