If I lose my credibility for posting this, I will not be upset. But, I think it’s important that I do write about this because this song will most likely hit the radio and become a billboard chart topper.


Mike Posner is accredited with the co-writing of this song. I can definitely hear the Posner in this. He’s really into the fratty, R&B, heavy bass sounds these days, as opposed to his smoother beginnings with Please Don’t Go. Looks Like Sex relies a lot on sex appeal and considering Bieber is maturing ($10.8 million love nest for him and Selena?), I suppose that he’s gotta turn up that NC-17 material. Of course, the lyrics are subtle innuendos with lines such as “I could take you places you’ve never been befo’….I got money in my hands that I would really like to blow….[swag swag] on you…tell ’em by the fire while we eat fondue…” I do have to admit the addition of the guitar makes the song a lot more fun and less Lil Wayne-Chris Brown.


Puberty. It sucks. You get awkward, people burgeon around you in accelerated rates while you somehow remain stagnant, and people’s hormones start ragin’. Just as his predecessor had to transition from his young boyish sound, Bieber must prove to the world that his fame is as big as his…ego (ref: Beyonce’s wonderfully done double entendre of a song). We all know the falsetto pro of our pop generation is Justin Timberlake who critics will nonetheless compare Bieber. I am curious as to how pure Bieber’s falsetto really is because as we can trace with his many recent songs and covers, with the deepening of his voice comes more strain and lack of ‘swag.’ While the chorus is catchy, when I close my eyes, all I can think of is JT in his late NSYNC and Justified time. Let’s see how many more high notes will be hit on the future album.


I’m SORRY — as much as I love swag, he says it FAR too much. If he’s really trying to be ‘mature,’ then he needs to let the word go. I can deal with the Buzz Lightyear reference, the fondue line, and even the “layin’ in the snow…brr” but “swagee” is just so annoying. MOVE ON.


I’m surprise this song is only 2:52…like not even 3 minutes? Really? They’ve been hyping this up for a while and I’m kinda underwhelmed by the length of it. This is kinda dumb aspect to critique, but I still find it interesting.


Alright, I enjoy this song to some degree. I’m a Bieber fan because he’s under some decent guidance and he’s a charmer. But, sometimes, growing up fast isn’t going to make things better. There won’t be enough hate for this song to NOT succeed — young teenage girls will find themselves getting more flustered by their typically innocent crushes on him. Take a listen if you dare, you might surprise/embarrass yourself.