MikkyEkkoLong time no blog, huh? Final papers, projects, scheduling flights, and holidays seem to have distracted me from one of my favorite hobbies: sharing some awesome tunes.

Singer Mikky Ekko pours his entire heart in this beautifully produced track (Clams Casino, obvi), urging the object of affection to ‘pull him down.’ A song about young rebelling love, there is a slow rock quality that runs so smoothly with these moments of lusty R&B. This is a perfect winter song, for those cold lonely evenings sitting in a coffee shop. (ClichĂ©? Bite me.) Free download from his SoundCloud.



Need something to spice up your (lack of a) love life? Looking for that tune to bring a chill down your spine? Should I stop writing these cheesy lines? Look no further, French Kiwi Juice will get your feathers all ruffled with this sexy funky tune. Make some g&t’s, put this track on, and get in the mindset of Ryan Gosling’s character from ‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’ Classy ish right here.

It’s been awhile…

School has started up again and I’m getting adjusted to when I have free time. I’m also battling the 90 degree weather and so I find myself lazying it up in my room or coming to studio to cool off. I’ll be posting more frequently soon, once I go to a couple shows, I think I’ll have the motivation to post again.

Listen on.


I’ve really had no excuse to not be posting. I’m reading blogs every day, listening to new songs, but haven’t really had the desire to download or post a lot of stuff. The weeks are getting long, I’m getting old (21 in two days, HA!), and I’m about to start school soon. I think I’m in a music-writing rut, where I just don’t want to spend the time talking about how great a song is: I’d rather spend that time just listening to it or giving it to people via playlists/CD’s/DropBox and say “Take a break from your day, and listen to some awesome music.” So here’s a collection of songs that you should listen to. Enjoy.

Money by Giraffage

Tessellate by alt -J (fantastic song, soulful, quirky, dark; reminds me of some good Andrew Bird songs: most obsessed with this)

Perth by Bon Iver (Teen Daze remix)

Constant Conversations by Passion Pit (St. Lucia Remix)

Rhiannon by Essay and Stumbleine

Time to Pretend by MGMT (Covered by Sunday Girl)

The Wave by Miike Snow (Flight Facilities Remix)