There seems to be an obsession with post-humorous appearances by some artists whose lives were taken earlier than anyone deserves. As many of us know, Drake is obsessed with Aaliyah (who isn’t? she’s timeless) and there were speculations that he would be in charge of releasing and touching up her unreleased and unofficial tracks. Now, ‘Enough Said’ has been leaked, featuring the distinct voice of the one and only late Aaliyah. It’s chilling, to hear her voice on a track that’s produced so contemporarily. It’s almost like heaven has opened its gates to let her sing one more song. Sorry to get emotional, but I have such fond memories of watching her music videos on the local Bay Area music video show ‘CMC’ and it’s just so weird to hear ‘new’ music. I do enjoy this song a lot, but I’m anxious to hear what else Drake has in store for us.



People really must love changing Drake songs into remarkably smooth R&B tracks. I think we all know that Drizzy Drake isn’t exactly the best singer (unless you’re listening to him under some heavy editing) so it’s really amazing to see how people with natural singing capabilities tackle these songs. Joseph SoMo can be a considered a pro in this area, but here comes another contender: Jon Bellion. His (potentially — I can’t tell; anyone can clarify?) autotuned and piano version of ‘The Motto’ is so crisp and simple that the song’s edge softens, transforming it into a pretty sad ballad. I checked out his other stuff and while they’re pretty good (to say the least), ¬†this cover is probably one of the better things he’s produced. Check it out.


I am a big fan of Drake’s Take Care album. I know some people were disappointed (Ghostface’s LOLtastic review of it here) but I’ve been listening to it often this past year. The single Take Care samples Gil Scott Heron mixed by Jamie XX, probably one of the most genius collabs of the year. The music video just dropped and I’m speechless by the simple and beautiful cinematography.¬†Yoann Lemoine (director) did Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” (love love love) and Lana del Rey’s “Born to Die” (ehhhh) and I’d say he’s executed something rather breathtaking once again. Check it out below.