Middle school was a time that you pretended you knew everything about popular music. This included convincing people that you listened to awesome artists like OutKast even though the only song you knew until ‘Roses’ was ‘Ms. Jackson’ because it happened to be on your dad’s brand spanking new iPod (click wheel generation!) with music that my uncle graciously gave him. This then sparked a movement of young middle schoolers singing the catchy-as-hell chorus of ‘Ms. Jackson,’ a song about the tension of a young man and his lover’s mother. Clearly a topic on which we were all experts. But I deviate. Jean Tonique’s remix transforms the track into a wonderful indie funk melody. With all the classic lyrics of the original song, (Forever-ever? Forever-ever?) the addition of a lighthearted instrumental is super fun and refreshing. Take a listen. Free download as well!



Australian band Strange Talk is the right amount of pop and a substantial punch of electronic. A little like Cut Copy, a little like Passion Pit, their sound is loud and exciting. They’ve capitalized on this catchy “I think I’m falling in love,” over and over again, with these great heavy electronic breaks in between. Their album is to debut in 2013 and if they keep rolling out singles like these, I’m confident they’ll be all over the music scene.


What is this resurgence of electro pop this year? Purity Ring, Passion Pit, Yeasayer, Crystal Castles and new artists I’ve never heard of: Chvrches is one of them. Don’t be fooled by their seemingly ‘hipster’ use of a constant as a similarly shaped vowel; ‘The Mother We Share’ is charming and melodious, a smooth and innocent voice matched with some heavy, badass snares clapping in the background. Fall in love with Chvrches right now. Also, wtf they have a show with School of Seven Bells? WHY DIDN’T THEY OPEN FOR THEM WHEN I SAW SViiB!


M.I.A’s collaboration with legend William Orbit has his the internet and it’s a cute tune. Reminds me of something Yelle or Dragonette would do, and definitely different from her Galang days. Regardless, this song is sexy and its heavy bass is so satisfying next to her sweet vocals. And really M.I.A, “can you make a woman out of me?” Probably best line of the song.


A good Breakbot song puts everyone in a better mood without fail. ‘1 Out of 2’ is like a combination of an 80’s love song and a early 00’s indie rock single– this is very much so a good thing. Can you picture the low-def music video of two long haired lovers running through a field? I can. I have the sudden urge to watch Reading Rainbow, wear really short athletic shorts, and rollerblade outside…best song ever? This is a radio rip but I’m pretty sure the CDQ one is already available.


As I was collecting more music for my Rdio account, I said to myself ‘I’m gonna listen to La Roux right now,’ and that’s how I rediscovered ‘Colo(u)rless Colo(u)r’, a song that will get caught in your head and wrangle you up into a dancing frenzy. It’s got enough 80’s pop references to feel some pretty strong nostalgia, and a good amount of modern day pop to stay relevant. Get buck wild to this.