Last night, my ears were ringing for a good two hours after I melted away in my sweat during the Hoodie Allen and G-Eazy show. The small, intimate venue could not handle the volume of people; doors opened at 7, and upon arriving at 8, there was a long ass line to get in. The show was pushed back and started at 9. G-Eazy (reppin OAKLAANDDD) was able to work in a lot of songs, shortening each one to accommodate his short set time. The crowd was going crazy the entire night and when Hoodie went on stage, girls were screaming their cropped tops off. Favorite moment: Hoodie doing ‘Eighteen Cool’ in a room with a majority of high schoolers in it. Though I’m bitter about how gross it was going HAM in the audience (a boy passed by who was completely drenched in sweat…), G Eazy played a quick minute of his new song with Hoodie: Lady Killers. Officially out today, this song doesn’t have quite the catchiness of some other Eazy/Hoodie songs, but it’s still a good track to get a little drunk to. Enjoy.

Also, holler at the white girl who just couldn’t dance at all on stage. Props to your tripping over the drum set.



Hey readers, apologies for the lack of posting. The next couple weeks are gonna be pretty busy but I’m gonna try and keep it consistent soon. Hoodie Allen, one of the funnest rappers on the internet these days, has released a song as a free download. While it’s definitely humorous from the many common cultural references, I’m not quite as hooked as I was when I first heard ‘No Interruption.’ Nonetheless, it’s Hoodie Allen, and I can’t wait for the next mixtape. I’ve purchased my tickets to see him and G-Eazy in St. Louis and I hope I get a chance to meet ’em both. Enjoy!


Props to YuppieKoh for showing me this (Urban Fash’ Blog click here). Hoodie Allen is a New York city boy who’s gone through the trials of college, worked in the real world (at Google), and has decided to commit his life full time to his passion for music and rapping. I think it’s paid off quite well. His All American EP is star material. There’s something in his style that reminds me of Childish Gambino, maybe it has to do with some of the more comedic and humorous lines. ‘No Interruption’ is hands down the billboard song of the EP. Jhameel makes an appearance on ‘No Faith in Brooklyn,’ ¬†which totally has the capabilities of being its own single. It’s cute, sing songy, and Hoodie GOES on this track. I bought the EP on iTunes in support of this amazing talent; I encourage you to do so as well. His mixtape Leap Year is a free DL.