I am currently listening to the entire Macklemore album and I am incredibly jealous I can’t see him live on this tour. It is pure magic, and I will go as bold to say that this is one of my favorite rap/hip hop albums of all time. The music video for ‘Same Love’ was released today — the cinematography is crisp and clean, the story is wonderful, and the song speaks a lot of truth.



The latest track off of their debut LP “The Heist,” ‘Thrift Shop’ has one of the funkier beats I’ve heard in a while. ┬áMacklemore pokes fun at rappers who pay outrageous amounts of money on material objects (“They be like oh, that Gucci, that’s hella tight, I’m like, yo, that’s fifty dollars for a t-shirt”) while declaring his love for bargain shopping. ┬áNot many rappers could think of a concept like this, let alone pull it off, but Macklemore makes it work.


Music video has been released for this wonderful new track. Check it out.


One of my favorite rappers has done it again. Macklemore is probably one of the best storytellers in the mainstreamish hip hop world. His song ‘Wings’ was more than just a story ’bout shoes, ‘Otherside’ wasn’t just about his drug addiction, and ‘The Town’ was something greater than an ode to his hometown. ‘Same Love’ is a beautiful track with a simple chorus sung by Mary Lambert. The message is strong, especially during a time when we’ve gotten used to staying quiet about potentially controversial topics. I think many of us are tired of the facade that we and many people put on, ignoring some really important issues that have unfortunately determined our culture. This song isn’t complex; Macklemore shares with us some thoughts that we’ve all had at some point, and he gives them a voice. He reminds us that they’re real. Let’s hope hip hop continues to welcome the gay community, and not parody or slander its significance in this world.


For the last twoish years, I’ve been Macklemore’s biggest fan: I have his Sharkface Gang sweatshirt, I have listened to ‘The End’ 60 times, I’ve followed every amazing music video he’s released, and I consistently recommend his work. His lyrics even inspired one of my personal art projects. (Maybe I’ll send one to him…) To my disappointment, I’ve never seen him live. I have friends (to whom I’ve introduced his music!!!) who’ve seen him, I’ve missed concert opportunities at home because of my being a broke-college-student, and he plays at cities that are super close to St. Louis. I’m just hoping one day I get the opportunity to shake his hand say ‘Thank you,’ because his meaningful lyrics and emotional flow really have kept me motivated every day. His music video for ‘Victory Lap’ is truly gorgeous, documenting his progress and journey to fame. What I really value about Macklemore is that he always thanks his city of Seattle. This resonates so strongly with me because of how important the Bay is to my heart.

Macklemore, thank you for reminding me that I may be becoming a different person every day, but the ties of my mind and soul to my city will forever remain loyal and grounded. Sharkface Gang for life.