Synthetica, oh Synthetica. I am responding this album a lot better than I initially did to their previous album, Fantasies. My favorite from the album so far has been ‘Breathing Underwater’; a simple rock song that doesn’t have the dark tones that many Metric songs can have. Part of me wishes that Emily Haines will one day wake up and think ‘I want to do something like Grow Up and Blow Away again,’ but I know that is highly unlikely. I get a free download of Synthetica when I purchase tickets for the concert in St. Louis so I will definitely be doing that soon. Synthetica is streaming on their soundcloud, so make your own opinions about this awesome new album.



Metric is BACK and ready to rock our faces off. ‘Youth Without Youth’ is heavy and gritty but is balanced by Emily Haines’ hypnotizing voice. I could tell that Metric was heading back in this direction after their last album release and the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack ‘Black Sheep,’ which is soooo catchy by the way. Anyways, take a listen to ‘Youth Without Youth’ and feel the intensity that is Metric.