MikkyEkkoLong time no blog, huh? Final papers, projects, scheduling flights, and holidays seem to have distracted me from one of my favorite hobbies: sharing some awesome tunes.

Singer Mikky Ekko pours his entire heart in this beautifully produced track (Clams Casino, obvi), urging the object of affection to ‘pull him down.’ A song about young rebelling love, there is a slow rock quality that runs so smoothly with these moments of lusty R&B. This is a perfect winter song, for those cold lonely evenings sitting in a coffee shop. (Cliché? Bite me.) Free download from his SoundCloud.



How many have I been on at this point? Anyways, I’ve discovered that this semester is kicking me in the butt (but in a very motivational and positive way) so I won’t be able to post music. Heck, the last thing I’ve added to my library is T. Swift’s album and I haven’t downloaded anything in about 2 weeks now. I do miss blogging so hopefully I will start back up this winter break when I’ll most likely be bed ridden.

Thanks y’all!




Jon Bellion’s cover of ‘The Motto’ blew up on the internet and people have been anticipating some more smooth swag from the singer. I listened to his original tracks, and wasn’t really blown away. He’s released another original entitled ‘Paper Planes’ ( not an R&B cover of MIA’s badass song [unfortunately] ) and while I do find it a pretty and simple song, I still find something lackluster about it. I’m waiting for a mountainous gesture of love and emotions, but Bellion falls flat. Don’t get me wrong, I still like it, but if he wants to break out as a unique artist, he needs to make bigger risks with his music.


BBC  Radio 1 always has great covers by amazing artists. Recently, the majesty of indie pop herself, Ellie Goulding, delivered a a cover of Fun.’s contagious ‘Some Nights’ and breathed some gospel power pop soul into it! Those backup vocals, her natural raspy voice, the band — every element is absolutely key in the success of this cover. Good job, Ellie. Keep rocking our socks off.


Unknowns J.T. Roach and producer Quincy Kwalae have collaborated on an EP entitled ‘Piñata After Party,’ which has a delightful melange of R&B and pop songs. ‘Bad Bitch’ is the edgy and scandalous track that could very well be a product of Timbaland’s expertise ear for sensual beats. The dubsteppy parts are tastefully done and reminds me of Alex Clare’s heavy electronic songs. My personal favorite is ‘Body,’ as you may know my guilty pleasure is R&B songs with plenty of crafty innuendos and suggestive content — ;). (The smiley wink is a total joke — reference to Millionaire Matchmaker anyone?) I found this mashup of John Mayer’s ‘Say’ and ‘Freefallin’ on Youtube, so enjoy the added gem. The E.P is free or you can buy it on iTunes.


2AM Club has evolved a lot over the years. ‘Worry About You’ has a Michael Bublé swing, ‘Love Notes’ is getting a little Adam Levine-y, ‘If This Isn’t Love’ is a little boy bandy. ‘Mary’ is a strong pop song with some important elements: Dev’s cool voice, Big Sean’s swag, and a super catchy chorus. This has been out for a while but I’m surprised by the lack of press I’ve seen from it. If you love the ganja, you’ll appreciate this song.


I was originally gonna post Miguel’s ‘Adorn’ (it’s been playing a lot on a local radio station) but I found this new gem: a cover of the sexy classic ‘Sure Thing’ by an Oakland based band Trails and Ways. Keeping some of the basic elements of Miguel’s classic, the group adds what they call a “bossa nova dream pop” spin. The album art  of the free EP fits perfectly with the sound of the three covers: a cool night with streams of cars lighting up the road. Take a listen, download the EP, pour yourself a martini.