My, oh my. Purity Ring has taken strong hold of my attention once again with this new track. Starting off with a burst of energy, ‘Fineshrine’ is cute and creepy (“cut open my sternum and poke my little ribs around you”) in the best way possible. I find myself smiling and nodding in rhythm as she sings about turning her body into an empty shrine; I suppose I have no problem with that.



Thanks to my nifty (unofficial) correspondent KohKoh Krispie (not to be confused with Krispy Kreme), I’ve been shown this well executed Purity Ring remix by rapper Ro Ransom. Only 1:12 long, he gives us a short but sweet verse, with my favorite lines being “You ever had a dream that was real nice? Then woke up and had to go back to real life? Shit.” If you’re fans of Purity Ring’s atmospheric jams, you might be interested to hear some rapping mixed in.


Recently signed to 4AD, Purity Ring produces some sensuous futuristic melodious gems. Odebear is a SICK son, I seriously have to be blunt about it. The atmospheric trance-y waves of vocals and snares are so satisfying and really elegant. Megan James, the singer, delivers this strange hypnotic sound that keeps you hooked! I’m in love with this song, and can’t wait til they release more. Ah! Love it so much!! Free download from their website!

And I know I haven’t been posting much: again, stresses of being at a top 10 university (first world problems, you’re free to critique my privileged language).