A friend of mine has introduced me to the gritty flow of Wax, a rapper who from the pits of YouTube rose to fame and is now signed to Def Jam Recordings. If you’re a fan of classic 90’s hip hop, you’ll enjoy the vintage yet fresh sound of Wax’s rhythm and voice. The production is pretty phenomenal; ‘Red’ goes super funky and hard. Shoutout to Jeremy for showing me this.

Shoutout to Keeno for pointing me to this track. Such a perfect summer song, reminds me of N.E.R.D.



Australian idol winner Guy Sebastian (not gonna lie, have never heard of him) has teamed up with Lupe Fiasco to make a BOMB track ala B.O.B’s ‘Airplaines.’ ‘Battle Scars’ has a beautiful vocal chorus with Sebastian belting some epic lyrics. Lupe doesn’t fail us with his honest way of rapping. I want this to be on the radio ASAP.


One of my favorite rappers has done it again. Macklemore is probably one of the best storytellers in the mainstreamish hip hop world. His song ‘Wings’ was more than just a story ’bout shoes, ‘Otherside’ wasn’t just about his drug addiction, and ‘The Town’ was something greater than an ode to his hometown. ‘Same Love’ is a beautiful track with a simple chorus sung by Mary Lambert. The message is strong, especially during a time when we’ve gotten used to staying quiet about potentially controversial topics. I think many of us are tired of the facade that we and many people put on, ignoring some really important issues that have unfortunately determined our culture. This song isn’t complex; Macklemore shares with us some thoughts that we’ve all had at some point, and he gives them a voice. He reminds us that they’re real. Let’s hope hip hop continues to welcome the gay community, and not parody or slander its significance in this world.


M.I.A’s collaboration with legend William Orbit has his the internet and it’s a cute tune. Reminds me of something Yelle or Dragonette would do, and definitely different from her Galang days. Regardless, this song is sexy and its heavy bass is so satisfying next to her sweet vocals. And really M.I.A, “can you make a woman out of me?” Probably best line of the song.


LIZ LEMON IN THE HOUSE! Everyone’s been playin’ Gambino’s new mixtape ‘Royalty’ and while I just downloaded it yesterday, I have discovered that one of the funniest living people “spits” a verse on the track ‘Real Estate.’  Tina Fey has more sass and swag than you will probably ever have and she is absolutely hilarious proclaiming “this is the part where most people would say something crazy and the drop the n-word after it, not going to, not gonna do that, I DON’T FEEL COMFORTABLE!” While I haven’t listened to the mixtape in its entirety, I’m responding positively to Gambino so far. Now I’m just waiting for the assholes at Pitchfork to review it.


There are days when I’m convinced I can be a great rapper. Of course, my disillusioned dreams often come to a shattering halt when I listen to some really great artists; this time, it’s Ruby Ibarra. Representing San Lorenzo (the Baaaaaaaaaaaay), Ibarra is a machine of play-on words, a ridiculously high amount of swagger, and ambitious words. And even though I may not understand her Filipino bars (I cheated and used Google translate out of curiosity), that’s probably one of my favorite parts of the song: she takes a language typically foreign to most ears and translates its beauty through the universal vocabulary of music. I’m a fan of ‘(San Lo) Rebel’ and her spoken word piece ‘Beyoutiful,’ a strong poem that all women and girls need to hear. Her WD Cypher is also sooo dope. Favorite lines include:

“these other rappers i be “sonnin'”
all these “mothafukkas” must be oedipus rex” and
“yo, in this melting pot, we let it boil, it never simmers, and
how many oscar grants and trayvons for ever zimmermans?”

I’d be truly honored if I could meet Ibarra and do a first ever Woosic interview.  She’s amazing.


You can basically feel the swagger penetrating into your core when you hear Azealia Banks go hard on this track. Her lyrics are quick, witty, and snap at you hard like a rubber band. It blows my mind that she is my age (1991 baby!) and raps with a lot of attitude but in a really elegant way. I think I’m used to hearing people like Iggy Azalea, who naturally has an Aussie accent, or Nicki Minaj really throw an accent into their styling their rapping. I appreciate Azealia’s clear and crisp execution and have loved everything she’s released. SWAG ON.