Boy, am I late to review my favorite albums of the fall! Sea Wolf’s Old World Romance has been streaming via Rdio for a while, and I give it a solid 10. Maybe I’m being too generous with my rating, but I have been craving some classy indie, folksy indie rock and I’ve been rockin’ out to ‘Saint Catherine St’ and ‘Miracle Cure’. ‘Changing Seasons’ is that song everyone needs just to be reminded that change is always happening, and man, that’s okay. Listen via SoundCloud, or buy the album like I did!



I am so darn excited about Sea Wolf’s new album (dropping Sept. 11). As I’ve mentioned, I wasn’t a fan of his last project, but with the slow teasing releases of ‘Old World Romance’ tracks, I’m getting more and more excited. A teaser of a song titled ‘Priscilla’ is on YouTube but the song is officially streaming on a Black Book Magazine web article. He returns to his earthy and rustic tones, highlighting these gorgeous, mellow guitar riffs. He sings “What’s it for?” with desperation and swelling string instruments and guitar in the background. I cannot wait to buy this as soon as it’s out. Click here for the stream.