XXYYXX’s remix of Anneka’s ‘Overdone’ is hands down one of my favorite tracks of all time and I am completely blown away by his original song ‘Alone.’ There is only one way to listen to this song: if you have a sick sound system with an intense bass system, or with your hopefully high quality headphones. NOTE: iPhone/iPod headphones that came with the device do not count. I have my AKG K328 in ear’s and I really wish I could listen to this song with my Kossporta Pro’s but I’ve broken them and really need to get them fixed…

Anyways, this song is like a massage for your ear drums. The first half is slow, subtle, and soothing. At the 2 minute mark, the song explodes in the most gentle way. XXYYXX is only 16 and he’s getting a lot of publicity lately. His genre of music is in general rising in popularity and demand. You better like this before it becomes the new dubstep and Britney Spears releases a song that doesn’t really consist of her singing, rather sounds she makes that are then manipulated and deepened.


This is pretty sexy. The chilling and eerie intensity of this song, as powerful as it is, hits your ear drums rather delicately. Vocals are simple and the repeat of “Easy is overdone, overdone” sounds like a propaganda message with multiple hidden meanings. It’s great. The beginning is so James Blake with the muffled drowning effect. Then we’re slowly brought up to the surface with her sudden “oh-oh’s” of clarity. Beautiful song.