Australian band Strange Talk is the right amount of pop and a substantial punch of electronic. A little like Cut Copy, a little like Passion Pit, their sound is loud and exciting. They’ve capitalized on this catchy “I think I’m falling in love,” over and over again, with these great heavy electronic breaks in between. Their album is to debut in 2013 and if they keep rolling out singles like these, I’m confident they’ll be all over the music scene.


Dance dance dance

Dave Edwards is a producer from Brooklyn, New York who has just released his first EP for free download.  I didn’t have to listen to much to immediately become hooked to these three infectious songs. They put me in a good mood and have me puttin’ my dancin’ shoes on. The vocals are cute, smooth, and fun to hum along to. The World Is Ours is sweet and is that song with the cheesy-but-in-a-good-way lyrics.  Dance the Night Away has got more variation, dabbling in more adventurous mixing. And Never See the Tomorrow’s straight instrumental that I get lost in.  Really solid EP and it’s FO FREE so download it! People are thinking he’s going to blow up — I sure hope so!

Revival of the music blog

Greetings all. This is the third music blog I’ve attempted and who knows if I’ll be able to keep up. Studio is taking up my time, in addition to you know, LIFE. My taste has slightly varied since my first blog but I think in a very good way. I really hope the music I blog about is enjoyed by all audiences.

The very reason I started this blog was because I wanted to share an amazing song. By a Swedish duo. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with Scandinavia (in a non-hipster way.) and did a huge post on Swedish bands/artists way back when.

Very little information can be found about Icona Pop but the edgy pair of Swedish gals are blowing up in the blogosphere. Their song Manners has made its splash and I think their latest music video release is fun and the song is a nice steady head-nodder. They’ve got some traits that remind me of Karin Dreijer Andersson — they might sound super different but they’ve all got this similar rhythm in the way they sing. It’s like The Knife and Robyn decided to do a collab. Anyways, I love the music video — the missing ‘footage’ bits are a fun twist and the end sends a very strong message; they’re like Thelma and Louise goin’ HAM.