Oof where have I been and what have I been doing? Stranded on my couch from post-op ACL reconstruction surgery? Hobbling about the beautiful Bay Area? Not working on my thesis? All of the above.

Cyril Hahn is one badass producer who happens to be launching a tour in Canada and Europe. I can’t wait to read the reviews for his shows, because if his remixes are this good, his live mixing must be doper. Gabrielle Aplin is, as one YouTube has commented, the “female version of Ed Sheeran” and I understand why: she has a slight rasp to her voice, a mature tone to her otherwise youthful and quiet voice. Her song ‘Please Dont’ Say You Love Me,’ is a wonderful song, in the same style of many rising singer/songwriters, so it’s definitely worth listening to. But, Cyril Hahn transforms the song into a house jewel. The world has been obsessed with his mix of ‘Say My Name,’ and it sounds like he’s gifted us with another catchy tune.





Middle school was a time that you pretended you knew everything about popular music. This included convincing people that you listened to awesome artists like OutKast even though the only song you knew until ‘Roses’ was ‘Ms. Jackson’ because it happened to be on your dad’s brand spanking new iPod (click wheel generation!) with music that my uncle graciously gave him. This then sparked a movement of young middle schoolers singing the catchy-as-hell chorus of ‘Ms. Jackson,’ a song about the tension of a young man and his lover’s mother. Clearly a topic on which we were all experts. But I deviate. Jean Tonique’s remix transforms the track into a wonderful indie funk melody. With all the classic lyrics of the original song, (Forever-ever? Forever-ever?) the addition of a lighthearted instrumental is super fun and refreshing. Take a listen. Free download as well!


Hot damn. Adventure Club is back with a burning track, remixing the always lovely Yuna’s ‘Lullabies.’ The original song is already so epic, dark at moments, and uplifting at others. Adventure Club takes advantage of Yuna’s soft spoken words and pairs it with some heavy but tasteful dubsteppiness. Chill out to some classy mixing and snag the free download via Facebook.

Bonus! Frank Ocean Cover:


This is in honor of my good friend — Paul Roth! The most amazing, spunky, and cutest blonde designer you’ll ever set your eyes upon! Check out his stuff here.

Ben Howard’s ‘Old Pine’ is a lovely summer song that will tickle your ears like a field of baby dandelions upon your feet. This Peking Duk remix, on the other hand, will feed those flowers some ecstasy and you’ll be jumping for joy by the addictive nature of this track. The rhythm is super upbeat and fun; I always find the drop in many dubstep songs to be too heavy, but paired with Ben Howard’s voice, the song maintains an innocent undertone. Peking Duk’s remix packs a punch, yet keeps the natural soothing sound of Howard’s crooning.


After giving into the contagious phenomenon that is Imagine Dragons, ‘It’s Time’ has become a summer favorite. I know many a artists have remixed their popular single, but Passion Pit (who were GREAT at Outside Lands) has incorporated their signature quirky, synthy style to create a high energy hipsterfest of a jam. Listen on.